Aug 14, 2016

Cybersec Brief w/c 8th August 2016

Selected cybersecurity events of the week commencing Monday 8th August 2016.

A busy week in the wake of Defcon and Blackhat 2016. Bug bounties on the rise and smart machines automating vulnerability discovery and patching.

Tools, Techniques & Procedures

A collection of multiple years' worth of DefconCTFs
Enough brainteasers for the rainy autmn season.


Malware-infected USB sticks sent out by o2 UK
An interesting case of a supply chain attack?

Research & Reports

Collection of Defcon 2016 presentations

Bugcrowd AskUsAnything
Prominent bug bounty platform opens up for questions

Vulnerability might leave big parts of the internet open to 'Man-In-The-Middle' attack
Even if attacker is not sitting along the traffic route 

AskUsAnything with people behind Mayhem, 'AI' winning Darpa's Grand Cyber Challenge 2016
Mayhem was designed to identify and patch vulnerabilities automatically. Good bye, Pentesters!

Insights on bug bounties from a successful, long-term bug hunter

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