Aug 1, 2016

Cybersec Brief w/c 25th July 2016

Selected cybersecurity events of the week commencing Monday 25th July 2016.

Tools, Techniques & Procedures

FireEye releases tool-roundup about some frequently used Red Teaming tools.
The round-up covers multiple phases of a Red Team engagement.

Nettitude consultants release PoshC2, a Powershell C2 post exploitation framework for Red Teaming.
The functionality and features are similar to Empire and CobaltStrike's Beacon.

A 5-step how-to on how to get your Threat hunting team going.

A project dedicated to Threat hunting including various IoCs and tips.


US Democratic National Comittee hacked. Unconfirmed rumors say Russians are behind the attack.

German shooter buys gun on Darknet and lures victims in via hacked Facebook account.

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