Aug 7, 2016

Cybersec Brief w/c 1st August 2016

Selected cybersecurity events of the week commencing Monday 1st August 2016.

Tools, Techniques & Procedures

Dark Web OSINT automation with python and OnionScan
In-depth description and coding tutorial in python.

FireEye releases Fakenet-NG to provide malware analysts and Pentesters with a configurable traffic interception framework

A multiplayer framework for Pentesters during engagements
Make Pentesting a gamified collaborative effort and maximize the synergies of Pentesters working together.

Salesforce releases Vulnreport, a tool to automate Pentest / Vulnerability Management reporting
The tool is meant to help Pentesters increase efficiency and focus on the testing rather than the reporting.


FossHub hacked - Software Audacity & Classic-Shell was bundled with malware

Research & Reports

FireEye releases ICS Vulnerability Trend Report

IBM claims to have created artificial spiking neurons, opening possible advancements in AI

High frequency bug hunting: 120 bugs in 120 days. A report

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