Sep 26, 2014

Shellshock: Uber-Threat Or Hype?

Shellshock is said to be the next big threat after Heartbleed - maybe even worse. What can happen in a worst-case scenario? I will dissect the real threat behind Shellshock in this post and tell you why you shouldn't go into panic mode just yet.

Is it bad?

Is it really that bad?
I don't think so.

Sep 10, 2014

Bypassing Anti-Virus - Packers, Crypters & Other Techniques

Once in a while I need to evade anti-virus systems. For whatever reason you need to make an executable or virus undetectable, there are different ways to achieve this. Our goal is to make an executable Fully UnDetectable (FUD). In this post I will briefly point out different tools and techniques to reach this goal.