Oct 1, 2014

Penetration Testing Pitfalls

Why is running a Penetration Testing business so difficult? I've encountered a number of Penetration Testing companies during my career. I worked as a Pentester, I have engaged with some Pentesting companies as competition and I've experienced companies picking one Pentesting company from a bunch of competing businesses.

Running a Pentesting business is no easy thing to do. There are some common pitfalls Penetration Testing companies should try to avoid to become or stay successful.

Image courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/brandongrasley/8227882239

In this post I will talk about these pitfalls and about potential mistakes Penetration Testing companies will make.

Sep 26, 2014

Shellshock: Uber-Threat Or Hype?

Shellshock is said to be the next big threat after Heartbleed - maybe even worse. What can happen in a worst-case scenario? I will dissect the real threat behind Shellshock in this post and tell you why you shouldn't go into panic mode just yet.

Is it bad?

Is it really that bad?
I don't think so.

Sep 10, 2014

Bypassing Anti-Virus - Packers, Crypters & Other Techniques

Once in a while I need to evade anti-virus systems. For whatever reason you need to make an executable or virus undetectable, there are different ways to achieve this. Our goal is to make an executable Fully UnDetectable (FUD). In this post I will briefly point out different tools and techniques to reach this goal.

Aug 1, 2014

5 Ways To Improve Your Hacking Skills

In this post I will present 5 easy ways to boost your penetration testing and ethical hacking skills.

Image courtesy of cooldesign / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

These tips helped me to become a better, more efficient penetration tester, although (or because) they are not entirely focused on the technical side of  hacking.

Apr 13, 2014

Return Of USB Autorun Infections Aka Rubber Ducky

Do you remember malware-loaded USB sticks infecting computers via USB autorun? Plug them into your computer and you get automatically infected with malware. Fortunately USB autorun is disabled nowadays on most operating systems. But what if there was a clever way to bring back the USB-auto-pwn sticks by just applying some technical hacks...?

I will show you two ways how to easily turn a special USB device called Rubber Ducky into an auto-pwn USB stick that works like malware infected USB sticks with autorun enabled. The following Rubber Ducky scripts will bring back exactly this functionality and will provide you once more with an insert-and-own USB stick that requires no further manipulation than inserting the Rubber Ducky into a victim's USB slot.

Mar 20, 2014

CRESTCon & IISP 2014 - A Retrospective

Yesterday I had the pleasure to visit the CRESTCon & IISP conference 2014 in London at the Royal College of Surgeons. It was a great and enjoyable conference although it differed quite a lot from what I was expecting beforehand.

This short article will tell you about:

(1) What CREST and IISP are
(2) My experiences with the CRESTCon & IISP conference in comparison to other industry conferences like Defcon
(3) Why you have to put CRESTCon & IISP into the geo-context of the UK to understand how it works

Feb 10, 2014

Penetration Testers - The Good, The Bad, The Kiddie

As a company you may want to conduct a penetration test once in a while to test your security posture. Nowadays there are many companies in the market offering penetration testing services. Suddenly you find yourself in the position to evaluate different penetration testing companies. You'll probably have to check which penetration testing company best suites your needs and you'll have to distinguish between those who are competent and those who are not. But how can you recognize the good pentesters and what are signs that unmask low-skilled pentesters?

In this article I will introduce you to factors that differentiate good penetration testers from bad ones or even worse - from Skriptkiddies. I will talk about  (1) obvious stuff like things to look out for on a CV or website, (2) certifications and (3) things to ask in an interview or company review.
You may also find this article interesting when you think about hiring a penetration tester for your team and are not sure how to assess his qualifications and skillset.

Jan 26, 2014

Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

Facebook has different verification mechanisms in store. In certain cases Facebook requires you to verify yourself as a human being or to verify your identity. One of these identity checks is the photo verification. Facebook basically shows you photos of your friends and requires you to recognize them in the photos. This is done by presenting you with a list of prepopulated names of some of your friends who could possibly be shown in the pictures.

I have created a proof-of-concept software that can bypass the photo verification 100% of the time. I'll show you how to build the software step by step, all you need is:

  • A Facebook developer account (it's for free!)
  • A little bit of storage on your hard drive
  • A Linux machine (a virtual one will do)
  • A local web server to host a small php application (e.g. Apache web server)
  • The ability to copy and paste code

Jan 9, 2014

Most Important Ethical Hacking Domains And Tools

The world of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing is huge. It covers many areas and a lot of different topics. In this article I give a brief overview on the major topics of Ethical Hacking and the most relevant tools and techniques for each topic. A topic is one specific domain like wireless hacking or infrastructure hacking. It goes without saying that all of these topics are entangled with each other. I point out relevant resources and tools which should be looked into and known in order to master one of the domains. This article targets beginners who just started their journey into Ethical Hacking and want to get an overview on the main topics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.